Elizabeth Otero, M.D.


What should I expect in my initial visit?

During your initial visit with Dr. Otero or Kristin you will be asked to turn in or complete the new patient questionnaire with a health history. You will be expected to pay any applicable insurance co-payment and/or deductible at that time. 

You will first see the nurse who obtains your blood pressure along with other useful information.

Either Dr. Otero or Kristin will then meet with you to obtain a complete medical history and perform a physical examination. Some important questions that will be asked include: allergy symptoms, exposures, the timing of your symptoms, and the effect of past treatments. The physician or nurse practitioner will also look at how your other medical conditions may relate to your allergy symptoms.

Dr. Otero or Kristin will then summarize your condition and will speak to you about your diagnosis, any necessary evaluations, treatment options, and provide appropriate education. Further testing may be needed to clarify what you are allergic to, how well your lungs are functioning, or if other problems are present. Further testing may include allergy skin testing, Sinus CT Scans, Chest X-rays, blood tests, pulmonary function tests, and challenges. Skin testing may be offered at your initial consultation, so please avoid antihistamines for at least 5 days prior to your office visit.


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