Elizabeth Otero, M.D.

What is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.) ?


A NURSE PRACTITIONER also known as physician extender has advanced education and training in a health care specialty. Nurse practitioners provide health care similar to physicians including:

► Performing advanced physical exams.
► Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests like blood work and X-rays
► Diagnosing and initiating a plan of care.
► Ordering medications.
► Evaluating response to treatments.
► Working closely with other specialists as needed.
► Working very closely with the attending physician.

Nurse Practitioners are highly trained specialists providing health care in a variety of areas including Allergy and Immunology for Children, Adults, and Geriatric patients. In essence the Nurse Practitioner as a Physician Extender works very closely with the doctor she is working with and helps coordinate care to a higher level with a team approach.

At Allergy and Asthma Care of the Palm Beaches the Nurse Practitioner like the doctor will:

► Complete a detailed medical history.
► Perform comprehensive physical exams.
► Place and interpret allergy skin testing.
► Order and interpret pulmonary function tests (lung capacity tests).
► Order and interpret laboratory work, X-rays, Chloride Sweat test and CT scans.
► Prepare and Administer Xolair injections.
► Perform Oral Drug and Food Challenges.
► Initiate medications and treatments.
► Monitor progress during follow up appointments.


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